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Koch Financial Partners, LLC offers a variety of services, ranging from a one-time planning meeting to on-going financial and investment advice.  We can customize our services based on your needs.


Retirement planning. We can help you calculate your retirement savings needs and plan your path to retirement.  Individuals are increasingly responsible for the investment decisions for their retirement savings.  We can help you chart both the accumulation phase and pay out phase of your retirement.  Life doesn’t grant us many do-overs. Plan with confidence that you will be able to enjoy the kind of retirement you envision.

 Employee benefits. We can help you understand and decide on life insurance, 401kdisability,long-term care and health plan options at your employer. If your employer doesn’t offer the program you need, we can help you fill the gap. We can also help you decide on an investment strategy in your 401(k), 403(b), or 457 retirement plan. Workplace retirement plans, including matching employer contributions, can be a crucial element of your retirement savings.

Planning for unmarried couples. Because much of the financial framework is organized with married couples in mind, unmarried couples have more customizing to do with their financial plans. We can help you navigate through these challenges and strengthen your financial security.

Life transitions.  The death of a spouse/partner or a divorce are traumatic experiences.  We can help you regain your financial footing and adjust your financial future to your new circumstances.

Trusts and estates.  We can help people responsible for trust or Business Meetingestate assets meet their fiduciary obligations with regard to the investment of trust assets. Understanding fees and potential conflicts of interest in this area are important in meeting your fiduciary obligations.

Investment choices.  Investments are one of the most important areas of financial planning.  A proper asset allocation that balances your goals and tolerance for risk is essential. We believe an investment strategy should reflect your needs and goals.

General financial questions.  Can I afford a new house?  Start a new business?  How can I help my parents now that they need assisted living?  Is my current investment strategy on track to meet my needs?  We can help you with these and other financial issues, such as college funding, insurance and annuities, estate planning, family gifting, and cash flow analysis.