Our Process

 The Seven Steps of Financial Planning Blank Filler 1

1)  Initial Inquiry. When you contact us, we direct you to our website to obtain more information about our firm and to download our client forms, the Confidential Questionnaire and the Cash Flow Questionnaire. (We can also mail these forms at your request.) These forms provide us with the basic information to help prepare your financial plan. We’ll talk about why you are seeking financial planning services now and what services will best meet your needs.

2)  Get Acquainted Meeting. You are asked to bring the completed client forms and some of your documents for review at our office. This meeting is a chance for you talk about your financial planning concerns and see if working with us is good fit for you. We’ll discuss your planning needs in more detail and discuss our approach to financial planning and investment advising. Toward the end of our meeting, you will be presented with a client service agreement and a firm fee quote for researching and preparing your financial plan. We will begin work when we receive a deposit (the lesser of $500 or 1/2 of your project’s costs), the signed service agreement and any remaining documents needed for the planning process.

3)  Data Gathering and Review. Work begins on your project as we research your data and issues. We may need additional information and will contact you as needed to clarify information.

4)  Interim Meeting for Additional Planning. As we prepare your plan, we may need additional decisions from you. For example, we may need a second meeting to do more work on goal setting prior to plan preparation. Whether this step is needed depends on your situation and the scope of the project we’re researching for you.

5)   Analysis and Plan Preparation. Using the information you provide, we will complete our research and prepare an individualized plan for you. The plan may contain cash flow projections, investment recommendations, and any other matter you’ve asked us to research and analyze for you.

 6)  Financial Plan Presentation. We will meet and present the financial plan to you. This is typically a long meeting, as you may wish to ask any number of questions about your plan. The balance of your fees for plan preparation are due at this time. This meeting typically takes place about 4-6 weeks after we are retained.

7)  Plan Implementation and Follow-Up. You are responsible for implementing your plan. We are available for a few weeks after we’ve presented your plan to address your follow-up questions about the plan. There is no additional charge for this time. We encourage you to follow up with us a year after our engagement to review and update your plan. We recommend that you review and update your plan at least once annually. Our goal is to grow long-term relationships with our clients so that we may build on the planning work we’ve started. We hope that you will retain us for your ongoing planning and investment advice needs.